While our true passion lies in creating boundary-pushing gins, our commitment to quality has afforded Hardshore a unique opportunity to play a small part in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. The very still that allows us to achieve the exceptional quality and character of our gin is also well-suited for producing ethanol of the purity required to supply Maine's healthcare workers with hand sanitizer. We have partnered with other Maine distilleries and breweries, many of whom are donating their time, talent and alcohol, to ensure Maine has a steady supply of this potentially life-saving material. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to support those who are on the front lines of this pandemic.

We also recognize the need for hand sanitizer in everyday life. We are committed to making limited quantities of hand sanitizer available at our distillery. For the safety of our employees, we implore you to order ahead for curbside pick-up at the link below. All proceeds from sales of hand sanitizer will be donated to supporting Maine's hospitality workers who have been furloughed due to the closure of restaurants and bars throughout Maine. Please consider purchasing some of our extremely decent gin, for yourself or as a gift, to support our own employees.



If you are a hospital, a medical worker, an essential business, or at risk please email us directly at:




Alcohol Antiseptic 70% - Topical Solution

(made with W.H.O. Guidelines and Formulation)


Active Ingredients:

Alcohol 70%

Inactive Ingredients:

Glycerol 1.45%

Hydrogen Peroxide .125%

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